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This webzine was created to recommend good places to go when traveling to out of the way cities.  It was also created because of the embedded genetic trait of human kind to sit around for hours saying, "What do you want to do tonight?" We say, fight genetics. Stop wasting time. Get out and do something.

Traditional guide books are written by researchers, writers, and advertisers. This site is written by Will - He has lived in each of the selected cities and goes to the recommended places regularly. 


Here's His Quick Bio

Raised: Helena, MT

Pic of the Author

College: Tufts University, Near Boston  MA
Degree: BS in Bioloby & English Literature
Jobs Held: Pizza Maker, Lifeguard, RA,  Highway Bridge Surveyor, Technical Assistant, Cafe Manager, Assistant Diversity Consultant, Teacher, Hollywood Stuntman, Spy, & Shark Trainer
Career: Undecided
Hobbies: Travel, Scuba, Surfing, Reading, Hiking, Camping, Movies
Current Where Abouts: Unknown


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