Portland, OR is a nice size town that is small enough it doesn't feel like a huge city but big enough to offer anything that a large metropolis could.  Here are a few out of the way places to try (and by the way, they are all vegetarian friendly):.

Where to Eat

  • The Queen of Sheba
    This warm and friendly colors of the walls match the spirit of the food at this great Ethiopian restaurant.  Dishes are spicy and often served on one large plate for the entire table.  Make sure to order their specialty, the cracker lentil stew.  

  • The Tiger Bar
    This ultra-hip bar is actually a great restaurant in disguise.  The menu features great neo-Asian  food for good prices.  Start the meal with an order of crystal salads rolls and finish with a curry, bento, or Asian pasta.   Go early to avoid the smoky bar that the Tiger Bar changes into after 9pm.

  • Paradox Palace Cafe
    Hang with the cool kids at this young urban hangout.  The new American Cuisine that the cafe serves isn't all that different from the old American cuisine, except it's probably healthier.  Try the biscuits n' gravy with almond gravy or the tofurkey sandwich.  Low prices and great coffee abound.

  • Delta Cafe
    There's nothing in the world like good old Southern food and the Delta put the soul in soul food.  Barbeque chicken, succotash, country fried steak, it's all good (and inexpensive.)

  • Sweetwater's Jam House
    If you can't go to the Caribbean, go to Sweetwater's for a taste of the warm sunny life.  This tropical restaurant features Caribbean barbeque that  Hemmingway would have loved.  Try the ribs, jerked chicken, or rasta sampler.

  • Taqueria Chavez
    There's not more authentic Mexican food outside of Mexico anywhere than at this tiny taco house.  Try the tacos al pastor for a taste of what real Mexican food tastes like.

Where to Drink

Let's face it, Portlanders like to drink.  Here are some good places to be embrace the local culture:

  • The Pub at the End of the Universe
    A cool little bar that looks like a dive from the outside but on the inside is a shag carpeted multi-level room that looks exactly like your best friends basement in the 70's.  Lots of room, beer, pool, and darts.

  • Beulah Land Coffee & Ale House
    A fun bar with an eclectic atmosphere that has live music on the weekends (with no covers ever) and trivia on Tuesday nights.

  • Java Macabre
    A neat coffee shop located in a haunted house.  Get every sort of coffee drink invent and cool vintage horror posters.  Open every night until midnight.

  • The Lucky Labrador Brew Pub
    This cool pub is what brew pubs are supposed to be like.  Large, unpretentious, and filled with good beers

What to Do

This part will be coming soon.

  • The Great Outdoors

  • Brew 'n Views

  • Summer Festivals


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